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Takisawa Tech Corp - Equipment Service & Supply

Taiwan Takisawa

Taiwan Takisawa was established in September of 1972 under the direct management of Takisawa - Japan.
Its success is derived from 33 years of top manufacturing and quality control management from Japan and experienced workmanship from Taiwan. Taiwan Takisawa is dedicated to mirror the Japanese production of
high quality machines. Since its establishment, they have been supplying their machinery components and
machines all over the world as an OEM to Takisawa - Japan.

Due to recent changes in the machine tool industry, Takisawa believes that a series of better-equipped,
high quality turning centers are essential to fulfill the commodity market for the 21st century. Under the
leadership of President John K. Yonemoto and General Manager T.C. Lin, its research and development
team spent numerous months studying and improving all brands of turning centers in the market.
Their proud result is today's top-of-the-line EX-Series CNC Turning Centers.

Takisawa Tech Corp
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