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1515 7th Street Southeast, Valley City
701 845-9588 Map  Profile

Many of our finest Manufacturers and Machine Shops have closed their doors because of the lack of support from our
own government.
Professional politicians with little or no business experience have taken their toll on our industry.
Our web site directory started on July 4th 2000 and many of our friends have closed their doors since then...
WE NEED BUSINESS-FRIENDLY LEADERS! Vote for change... Pete Beatty, Owner, MediaWebLink - "United We Stand" - Supporting our Manufacturing

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Beulah (Top)
Hedahls Automotive 212 Railroad Street SW Beulah ND (701) 873-4338

Bisbee (Top)
Vulcan Iron Works, Inc. 101 Main Street Bisbee ND (701) 656-3508

Bismarck (Top)
D S Machine 3702 Franklin Avenue Bismarck ND (701) 222-4424
Modern Machine Works 921 E Front Avenue Bismarck ND (701) 223-1375

Bottineau (Top)
Homola Welding & Machine Shop 608 Thompson Street Bottineau ND (701) 228-2794

Bowman (Top)
S & B Machine 15 E Divide Bowman ND (701) 523-5906

Carrington (Top)
H & J Machining Highway 200 E Carrington ND (701) 652-3289

Cooperstown (Top)
PL Mfg PO Box 336 805 Sunflower Ave. Cooperstown, ND 58425 (866) 877-6857 Map
Sheyenne Tooling & Manufacturing Company 7th & Lenham Avenue Cooperstown ND (701) 797-2700

Dickinson (Top)
Dakota Tool & Machine 829 E Villard Street Dickinson ND (701) 225-5221
Miller Machine & Welding 1245 Main S Dickinson ND (701) 225-6261
Precision Machine & Welding 145 21st Street W Dickinson ND (701) 225-5155

Drake (Top)
Drake Machine Lake Street Drake ND (701) 465-3929

Fargo (Top)
Eastside Machine Company 2001 1st Avenue N Fargo ND (701) 235-3626
Reubens Machine, Inc. 701 27th Street NW Fargo ND (701) 293-6120
Service Machine, Inc. 4315 12th Avenue N Fargo ND (701) 281-8091

Forman (Top)
Ray Mac, Inc. Highway 11 & 32 S Forman ND (701) 724-3262

Glen Ullin (Top)
J M Gerving Machine Shop 107 S 2nd Street Glen Ullin ND (701) 348-3864

Glenfield (Top)
Tough-T Manufacturing Highway 20 & 200 Glenfield ND (701) 785-2555

Grafton (Top)
Hart Machine & Manufacturing Company Highway 17 E Grafton ND (701) 352-1330
Mattson Machine Highway 81 N Grafton ND (701) 352-1435

Grand Forks (Top)
Cheyenne Valve & Machine, Inc. 2455 N 42nd Street Grand Forks ND (701) 746-9644
General Auto Parts & Machine 2311 S Washington Street Grand Forks ND (701) 775-4286
Tri-Steel Manufacturing Company 3325 N Washington Street Grand Forks ND (701) 772-5591

Hankinson (Top)
I D Machine Shop 508 6th Street SW Hankinson ND (701) 242-7408

Harvey (Top)
Schulz Engine & Machine 2409 Business 52 Harvey ND (701) 324-2573

Hazen (Top)
Hazen Welding & Machine Shop 412 Main Street W Hazen ND (701) 748-5614

Hebron (Top)
K & E Manufacturing 3647 County Road 90 Hebron ND (701) 878-4268

Hillsboro (Top)
Genuine Auto Supply Company 19 Main Street Hillsboro ND (701) 436-4120

Jamestown (Top)
Enzminger Builders, Inc. 8054 36th Street SE Jamestown ND (701) 252-6116
Midwestern Machine Westown 1st Bldg. Hitching Post Jamestown ND (701) 252-8125

Lehr (Top)
Hauff Machine Products Inc. 4991 75th St Se Lehr, ND 58460-9143 (701) 378-2350

Mandan (Top)
Midway Machining 1724 40th Avenue SE Mandan ND (701) 663-0222

Mayville (Top)
Poma Industries, Inc. RR 2 Box 47 Mayville ND (701) 786-3596

Minot (Top)
Central Machining & Pump Rpr 4127 Burdick Expwy E Minot ND (701) 852-2405
Terhorst Manufacturing Company 615 Burdick Expwy E Minot ND (701) 852-0535

New Rockford (Top)
Schafer Repair 1006 Central Avenue New Rockford ND (701) 947-2918

Oakes (Top)
Kustom Machine, Inc. 501 S 4th Street Oakes ND (701) 742-3188

Riverside (Top)
Precision Machine, Inc. 990 Armour Street NW Riverside ND (701) 282-6343

Tioga (Top)
Tioga Machine Shop, Inc. Highway 40 S Tioga ND (701) 664-3337

Valley City (Top)
Forte USA LLC 1515 7th Street Southeast, Valley City, ND 58072 (701) 845-9588 F: (701) 845-8702 Map  Profile

Wahpeton (Top)
D & E Machining, Inc. 622 11th Avenue S Wahpeton ND (701) 642-8421
General Machine Works 409 6th Street S Wahpeton ND (701) 642-4056
Industrial Plating, Inc. 514 5th Street S Wahpeton ND (701) 642-2676
MDI Machine Design, Inc. 18053 79 1/2 Street SE Wahpeton ND (701) 642-8301
Ro-Banks Tool & Manufacturing Company 909 4th Avenue S Wahpeton ND (701) 642-2671

Watford City (Top)
Heggen Machine Tool Highway 85 S Watford City ND (701) 842-3636
Iron Horse Machine Highway 85 S Watford City ND (701) 842-6895

West Fargo (Top)
Federal Machine Company 1007 2nd Avenue W West Fargo ND (701) 282-8134
Gremada Industries, Inc. 1262 Main Avenue W West Fargo ND (701) 282-5294

Williston (Top)
Apex Machine Shop, Inc. 2009 44th Street W Williston ND (701) 774-0354
CP Machine Inc 5221 142nd Drive NW, Williston, ND 58801 (701) 875-8826
Industrial Equipment Sales & Service 314 42 St W Williston, ND (701) 572-2393
Knight Manufacturing 14207 US-2 Williston, ND (701) 572-7143
Today's Machine LLC 722 4th St E Williston, ND (701) 572-8431
Threadmasters Precision Machining LLC 4813 W Front St Williston, ND (701) 572-8622
Westside Machine Shop Inc 4933 US-85 Williston, ND (701) 577-4800

Willow City (Top)
Ag Shop, Inc. 116 Highway 60 S Willow City ND (701) 366-4416

York (Top)
Mollers, Inc. Highway 2 E York ND (701) 592-3231

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