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Afton (Top)
Special Products Company 83240 US Highway 89 Afton WY (307) 886-3486

Buffalo (Top)
American Way Tooling PO Box 893 Buffalo WY (307) 684-0800

Casper (Top)
Auto Dynamics Machine Shop 601 E E Street Casper WY 307 266-1308
Big Bz Machine Shop 4820 Cleveland Casper WY 307 266-5552
Bop Repair & Machine, Inc. 825 1/2 N Robertson Road Casper WY (307) 472-6711
Chrome Shop 1620 E Burlington Avenue # 1 Casper WY (307) 237-5909
Clair Machine Works 1752 W Jafer Road Casper WY (307) 266-1866
Compressor Pump & Engine, Inc. 1950 N Loop Avenue Casper WY (307) 265-7653
Cooter Jenkins Machine Shop 5660 W Yellowstone Highway Casper WY (307) 472-2001
Farrar Machine Metallizing, Inc. 1830 E Burlington Avenue Casper WY (307) 237-7844
G M Tool Office 3501 S Poplar Street Casper WY (307) 473-2116
Industrial Maintenance, Inc. 2232 Oil Drive Casper WY (307) 265-2412
Industrial Screen & Maintenance, Inc. 750 E F Street Casper WY (307) 234-3547
Inter-Mountain Threading, Inc. 1964 E. 1st Street Casper WY 307 234-2058
Nicro Plating, Inc. 810 1/2 W Yellowstone Highway Casper WY (307) 266-6432
Norton Oil Tool Company 5601 Old Yellowstone Highway Casper WY (307) 472-3333
R & R Machine Shop 355 W Yellowstone Highway Casper WY (307) 234-9817

Evanston (Top)
Aerospace Design & Manufacturing, Inc. Riverside Industrial Pk Bldg. 5 Evanston WY (307) 789-8980
Dresser-Rand Company 83 Allegiance Cir Evanston WY (307) 789-5596
Ellingford Brothers Inc Steel 221 County Road Evanston WY (307) 789-3589

Farson (Top)
High Country Manufacturing, Inc. 175 Highway 28 Farson WY (307) 273-5556

Gillette (Top)
Equipment Maintenance 3382 Bird Drive Gillette WY (307) 682-8733
Ge Industry Sales & Service 3205 S Douglas Highway Gillette WY (307) 682-8863
Machine Products, Inc. 401 N Burma Avenue Gillette WY (307) 682-2518

Glenrock (Top)
Talley Manufacturing 624 Araphoe Trail Glenrock WY 307 436-8724

Green River (Top)
C S & P Rocky Mountain 29 E 2nd North Street Green River WY (307) 875-4904
Gold Accent Plating 465 Rhode Island Place Green River WY (307) 875-4832

Kemmerer (Top)
Cattelan Welding & Machine 1704 Antelope Street Kemmerer WY (307) 877-9751

Laramie (Top)
Custom Precision Machining 1416 S 2nd Street Laramie WY (307) 721-2103
Specialized Welding & Machine 709 Renshaw Street Laramie WY (307) 742-6288

Lusk (Top)
Vollmer Machine Shop, Inc. 119 W 3rd Street Lusk WY (307) 334-3391

Pine Bluffs (Top)
Allwayz Manufacturing 6289 I80 Service Road Pine Bluffs WY (307) 245-3649
Gold Talon Manufacturing 103 Main Pine Bluffs WY (307) 245-9465

Powel (Top)
Production Machine Company 965 Production Cir Powell WY (307) 754-5608
Superior Machine Company 376 E North Street Powell WY (307) 754-3412

Riverton (Top)
Star-Tech Corp. 25 Country Acres Road Riverton WY (307) 856-5587

Rock Springs (Top)
Custom Chrome, Inc. 117 Elk Street Rock Springs WY (307) 362-1504
Emerald Auto Parts, Inc. 2704 Commercial Way Rock Springs WY (307) 362-3781
L & H Welding & Machine Company 280 Foothill Boulevard Rock Springs WY (307) 362-0662
R S Machine Shop 1330 W 2nd Street Rock Springs WY (307) 362-7431
Southwest Machine & Welding Company 2206 Upland Street Rock Springs WY (307) 382-2133

Sheridan (Top)
Craftco Metals Service 680 Airfield Lane Sheridan WY (307) 672-9220
Industrial Plating & Grinding 1909 Commercial Avenue Sheridan WY (307) 674-4431

Sundance (Top)
Hengstler Enterprises 659 Highway 116 Sundance WY (307) 283-2330
R & L Machine 103 West Street Sundance WY (307) 283-1994
Roberts Machine 19652 US Highway 14 Sundance WY (307) 283-2287

Thermopolis (Top)
D & D Machine & Welding 545 S 5th Street Thermopolis WY (307) 864-2902
Rocky Mountain Precision 210 US Highway 20 S # 1 Thermopolis WY (307) 864-3490

Torrington (Top)
Harris Manufacturing Company 1061 E 2nd Avenue Torrington WY (307) 532-7804
Harris Manufacturing Company 711 E 2nd Avenue Torrington WY (307) 532-5912

Wheatland (Top)
Drube Manufacturing 609 16th Street Wheatland WY (307) 322-4808

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